For foreign participants who will arrive in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila, the following tips may help you reach the BarCIE International Center, La Consolacion University of the Philippines, Malolos City, Bulacan.

1. Upon arrival, you may choose among the following mode of transportation to go to TAFT AVENUE MRT STATION:

Shuttle Bus

This is the cheapest way of going out of the Airport. This Bus will bring you to Metro Rail Transit (MRT) Taft Avenue station. (See the MRT Map for your guide to see where you should head to. The first station of the blue lane is your destination.) It will take about 30minutes to 45minutes from the airport or less depending on the traffic flow.

You may ask the Airport Personnel to guide you to the Bus Terminal where you will wait. It was just outside the Airport. Flat rate is Php20.00


This is a little bit expensive (this will cost you Php100.00 to Php300.00 depending in your ability to negotiate). You can get the taxi just in front of the exit of the Airport.

2. Upon reaching Taft Avenue MRT Station, take the train and alight in North Avenue Station (this is the last station of the MRT). Taft Avenue MRT Station is just besides Mc Donalds (see the MRT Map, Blue lane). It will take about 20-30 minutes from Taft Avenue Station to North Avenue Station.

3. Upon alighting, go straight at the TRINOMA MALL entrance. It is adjacent to the MRT Station. No need to go down the stairs. Upon entering the Mall, ask the guard how to go to the Van Terminal going to Malolos. You will walk about 10 to 14 minutes going to the terminal. Fare in the Van from Trinoma Mall to Malolos is Php60.00. Tell the driver to alight you in front of the McDonald in front of BulSU. This will take 30-45 minutes.

4. Upon arrival in front of the McDonal, BulSU, cross on the other side of the road using the footbridge and take a tricycle and ask the driver to bring you in BarCIE inside LCUP. So, all in all, it might take approximately 2 hours to less than 3 hours from NAIA Airport to Malolos Bulacan.

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