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2017 ICEPSS is organised by the International Research Enthusiast Society Inc. (IRES inc.)

International Research Enthusiast Society Inc. (IRESInc.) is a non-stock, non-profit organization registered and recognized by government agencies and regulatory bodies. IRES Inc. serves as the platform for international research enthusiast networking and collaboration, allowing individuals to exchange research-based knowledge and ideas with like-minded peers.

The IRES Inc. or simply called The Society is an advocacy group of individuals concerned with the promotion of global dissemination of research findings of individuals from the academic community, industry and other members of the community on a personal level. The sole mission of the Society is to pool research enthusiast from around the globe engage to multiple discipline and organize an international interdisciplinary research conference in a friendly atmosphere gaining the support of local and international academic institutions and regulatory agencies.

To date, the Society has organized the following interdisciplinary research conference to be held in different part of the globe.

International Conference on Accounting, Management, Economics and Finance (ICAMEF)

International Symposium on Tourism, Environment, Culture, Health and Society (ISTECHS)

International Research Colloquium on Educational Technology (IRCET)

Philippine Interdisciplinary Research Conference (PIRC)


In the future, the Society aimed to organized international conference and symposium in other fields of study to provide other members from different discipline an avenue of dissemination of respectable research findings.

The Society believe that this endeavor is vital to the discovery of new knowledge and ideas resulting from a methodological, empirical, scientific, and applied research activity that is geared towards the development of human life.

For further inquiries, you may contact

IRES Secretariat


Phone Number: +6344 7964131

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